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Frequently Asked Questions about U.H.T. Shelf Stable Milk
SwissIn 1966 the Gossner family fulfilled a dream by building Gossner Foods, Inc. Ed Gossner Sr., the patriarch of the family, brought with him the art of making Swiss Cheese, which he had refined over 30 years of hard work. Mr. Gossner's skills in making fine Swiss cheese has been passed down through 3 decades of dedicated cheesemakers. Gossner Foods offers several varieties of Swiss cheese ranging from the mild flavor of our Baby Swiss to the full-bodied flavor of our European Style Swiss. All of our Swiss Cheese is made using a combination of ultra-modern equipment combined with old world cultures and craftsmanship.

Traditional Swiss is made from the highest quality milk, which is heat treated, not pasteurized. Select cultures are used to provide a mild, nut-like flavor. Aged at least 60 days before packaging, this most popular variety appeals to those seeking the distinctive flavor of Swiss. The body is firm and pliable with smooth shiny eyes.

Baby Swiss is made with the same high quality milk as our traditional Swiss, but the milk is pasteurized rather than just heat treated. This variation along with differences in the cheese cultures we use, result in a Swiss milder than all other variations.

European Style Swiss is made with cultures imported from Europe and with a procedure developed by European Cheesemasters. The different techniques used to make this Swiss give us a finished product which has the full-bodied flavor typical of imported Swiss Cheese.

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