I love the Gossner's milk, too. I'm not a milk drinker, but I use it for cooking (the whole milk makes awesome cream pies). One word of warning though--- mice are attracted to it. I had some on a shelf in my basement, and they chewed through the outer plastic wrap, the corrugated cardboard case box, AND the actual boxes of milk. I'm thinking if I continue to store it I might need to put them in plastic tubs for storage. They didn't touch anything else on the shelf. They just wanted the milk! :) - callmecordelia1

I live less than a mile from the Gossner's plant. Love it, and not only milk, but the cheese they make is incredible too. Enjoy!! PS-the chocolate is fantastic!!! - sambeano024

I love it. I get the 8 oz. then use it that way for seasoning... mashed potatoes, soups, etc. This way it doesn't go flat on me with the 8 oz. carton. It's well worth the time and money. - Jeanette Grisham

I started getting this milk when I got "commodities" when my income went down. I am so very happy with this milk! I am single (my significant other passed away 3 years ago) and alone, also a senior, so buying regular milk at times is not cost effective as it spoils. This milk has never yet spoiled on me! I drink it, use it on cereal and every which way. It tastes exactly like fresh milk, with the advantage of being able to be in my pantry until I need it! If my income ever goes up, I will continue to use this milk, even if I have to order it directly from the Gossner company. Try it if you can find it! - Char Fraise

Gossner milk has a great taste compared to the blue cap gallon milk.- Seek2Find2FindSeek

I think it is simply great milk. Right now I buy 2% for 2.99 a quart and whole milk @ 5.99 a quart. Yes I pay for a gallon of milk 2% 12.00 Whole milk 24.00. That is simply crazy I know but I can not drink these milks you get at the stores that have all types of things in them it makes me sick and I can not keep it down. I buy milk that is clean and untouched by chemicals. Them I found Gossner, I paid 32.00 for 12 Oz cartons - socalprepper21