Our Plants

Cheese Plant

Our main cheese plant houses production processes as well as our corporate offices. The plant is located in Logan, right next to the Gossner milk plant. It was built in 1966 and has since expanded and evolved to produce varying cheeses including Swiss, Munster, and Cheddar. The plant utilizes the most advanced production methods developed to make and package high quality cheese that is processed and pasteurized with care for optimal safety and great taste.


The Gossner milk plant was built next to the main cheese plant in 1981. The plant has earned a reputation for providing milk products to schools and military troops. Each milk product produced by the plant is created using high temperatures and a steel container to prolong shelf life. The seals for these products are unique in that they break upon opening. When the steel cap is twisted, the plastic seal around the bottle is broken. Our sealing process contributes to the freshness and longevity of our milk products.


Our Magic Valley plant was added in 2005 in response to rising demand for Gossner products. The facility is used to make and package Gossner cheeses, including Cheddar, Munster, and Swiss. The same advanced production system used in the main cheese plant is also used here. We’ve perfected the production processes for each cheese we distribute, meaning that every Gossner product is not only great tasting, but safely prepared for our customers and their families. This plant has taken over the operations of our former California plant in an effort to keep our operations closer to home. The facility has been set up for higher production capability, giving us room to grow and expand to meet customer demands for Gossner cheese products.