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Kaizen or "continual improvement" is an approach to productivity improvement that keeps any organization a cut above the rest! With its ongoing philosophy of continuous improvement, Gossner Foods, founded by Gossner in 1966, has become one of the most technologically advanced Swiss cheese plants in the country. Now more than 30 years later since Gossner started, current president and CEO Dolores Gossner Wheeler, with support from an equally passionate, skilled and dedicated executive board, continues her father's tradition.

  • Dolores Wheeler


    In 1966, Dolores’s father started the Gossner Foods Company. Dolores began working with her father at this time, packaging cheese and studying the bookwork behind company management. As the company grew, Delores took on larger roles, becoming Human Resource Director of Gossner Foods. In 1984, Dolores became President, CEO, and Chairman of the board of Gossner Foods Inc. Her guidance has led the company to strong growth throughout the years as she has continued to make strategically sound business decisions while taking care of her first priority – Gossner’s farmers and employees. Dolores was the first woman chair of the board of directors for the Utah Manufacturers Association and has also been awarded the honors of Utah Entrepreneur of the Year and Manufacturer of the Year.

  • Jason Simper


    Jason started out in the factory, eventually working his way into a position within the Gossner sales department, and landing in his current role as Cheese Sales Manager. His innate sales personality and exceptional ability to develop meaningful client relationships have contributed hugely to his success at Gossner Foods. Jason currently oversees the sale of all Gossner cheese products. It is his responsibility to solidify connections within the retailer community and ensure that high quality Gossner products can be found on retailer shelves across the globe.

    Greg Rowley


    Greg Rowley began working for Gossner foods in the early 80’s. He started in the factory, quickly working his way up to higher roles within the company as time went on and the company grew. He is currently COO of Gossner Foods, overseeing all plant operations and maintaining Gossner’s commitment to exceptional employee care and the production of high quality products.

  • Kelly Luthi


    Kelly is the Utah Plant Manager for Gossner Foods. He oversees all employee operations for our company’s Utah plants, performing checks for quality control as well as employee care. His role is crucial to Gossner’s commitment to providing high quality milk and cheese products while looking after our company’s number one priority – our employees and farmers.