UHT Milk

Gossner U.H.T. (Ultra High Temperature) Milk is real Grade A milk that has all the vitamins and nutrition of conventional pasteurized milk and is ready to use. No preservatives are added. Gossner Milk is Ultra High Temperature processed (over 280 degrees for several seconds) and packaged so that it is shelf stable and stays fresh without refrigeration until the sealed package is opened.

Gossner U.H.T. Milk comes in: Whole, Whole Chocolate, Lowfat Regular, Lowfat Chocolate and Skim. There's also a variety of flavored milks including Strawberry, Vanilla and Rootbeer in the 8 oz size specially packaged for kids. Try your favorite flavor on cereal.

Gossner Milk is the perfect choice for: Camping, backpacking, boating, remote locations, school lunches, snacks and travel, as well as everyday use.

For The Chef: There's Gossner U.H.T. Whipping Cream in quarts & 1/2 pints! Store in pantry and chill 8 hours (40 degrees F) before whipping.

Remember, once the package is opened it should be used or refrigerated just like any other milk.